Forty-something, single mom Julianne Thomas is ready to move forward with a life she’s put on hold since the tragic accident that took her husband’s life two years ago. First on her to-do list: make use of that interior design degree. Not on her list: fight her attraction to the gorgeous, young contractor whose house she’s designing. 

Ryan Coulter doesn’t have a list, and he doesn’t have time for distractions–especially since he’s recently moved back to Dunham, Vermont to rebuild his life after a crushing betrayal. But as Julianne puts the pieces of his house together, she also rebuilds his shattered heart.

As their relationship deepens, love takes Ryan and Julianne by surprise… until they discover the heart-wrenching link that binds them. Will the revelation destroy them, or will Ryan and Julianne seize their second chance at love?




Julianne leaned her forehead against Ryan's chest and inhaled. His shirt was soft and smelled like fabric softener and his soap and him. He rubbed her arms in a gentle caress, erasing her anxiety over botched cabinets. That’s what happened whenever she was with him. “How do you do that?” His shirt muffled her voice.


“What?” Ryan's breath tickled her forehead. 


She pressed her cheek to his solid chest and exhaled. “Calm me down. You soothe my soul.” 


"Yeah? Well, you set mine on fire.”