Quebec City, Canada

About Josée

Born in a small town outside Québec City, Canada, Josée immigrated to the United States when she was a baby. She grew up in southern Connecticut and at nine years old became a naturalized citizen. She later moved to Vermont where she graduated high school and fell in love with the unspoiled beauty of the Green Mountain State.


She returned to Québec for University where she studied linguistics and foreign languages with a focus on German, Spanish, and Italian. There she met her husband while overseeing a summer program teaching English as a Second Language. She went on to teach French and Spanish and later started a freelance writing business.



Josée writes her novels at her home in Vermont where she lives with her husband and their three children. Her stories have earned various awards and accolades, most notably as a Golden Heart finalist with many praising her books as "moving, heartfelt, and delightfully romantic."

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Rue St-Michel, Lambton, Quebec