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Quebec City, Canada

About me

If you're here then you're curious to know more about me so here goes. You may want to grab a cup of coffee because I've been told I can be long-winded.


I was born in a small town south of Québec City, Canada and immigrated to the United States when I was a baby. My legal name is Marie-Josée but my father wisely noted that "Americans love nicknames" and would shorten mine to "Mary-Jo" which in his estimation I most definitely was not. From that point on, I was Josée with the accent whenever I was with my family and Josee (Jo-See) without the accent everywhere else.

Not that it matters much because for some reason, the spelling with the double EE causes quite a conundrum and most of the time I'm called José anyway (as in José Feliciano). I won't even tell you my maiden name.

My parents spoke French in our home so when I started school in my southern Connecticut town, the teacher sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown–not so conducive to learning. After my mom faked her way through a meeting with the principal, she decided to buckle down and get serious. So, she did the only logical thing: turned on the soaps, which in the early 80s was some pretty fantastic drama. I learned how to speak English, in part, by watching Luke and Laura's love story on General Hospital. Needless to say, I got quite an education.


When I was nine, I had the honor of becoming a naturalized American. The day my parents and I swore our allegiance to this great country was imprinted on my heart forever. Growing up as a bilingual dual citizen was unique and I like to think I got the best of both worlds. I've often said that if you took the best of Canada and the best of the United States, you'd have Utopia.


I returned to the motherland for University and majored in linguistics and foreign languages which allowed me to geek out studying syntax and semantics. At one point I could hold my own in German, Spanish, and Italian as well as my native French. The best thing by far that came out of my college experience was meeting my husband while we oversaw a program teaching English as a Second Language.



Today, I live in Vermont with my cute Canadian and our three children where I pinch myself daily for getting to bring characters to life and give them their hard-earned happy ever afters. I'm a total romantic at heart, for which I have my parents to thank. One day I hope to share their epic love story with the world–it's that good.


In the end, I write romance because I believe it mirrors the love God has for each of us, that all-consuming passionate love that will stop at nothing until we're his. It's persistent yet never forceful, fierce yet tender, and oh so patient. It freely gives expecting nothing in return and meets us right where we are, as we are. That, dear readers, is the love story that fuels my inspiration above all else.

Lots of things are in the works which I can't wait to share with you. In the meantime, sign up for my newsletter for musings and updates. And, as always, THANK YOU for your support and encouragement. It keeps me going during those times I want to hurl my computer through the window.



Rue St-Michel, Lambton, Quebec